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Skin Tightening using the Soprano XL is a new treatment to the clinic and we have already seen amazing results! Whilst chemical peels and laser resurfacing can be effective to alleviate ageing and sagging skin treatments, they can leave the skin red and swollen, and skin firmingcreams simply do not work.

Today there is a simple safe and effective new technology: Near Infrared. Without damaging the skin, the Soprano NIR heats the deeper layers of the skin – the dermis – inducing formation of collagen which reduces laxity and gives a firmer younger appearance. It can be used on the face, chin, neck, chest, thighs, breasts and stomach to tighten the skin. A course of 6 treatments is recommended for more long term results. However some improvement is seen after one treatment! Suitable for ANY SKIN TYPE! It is also safe before and after a holiday with a tan.

So what is Soprano Skin tightening?

This revolutionary IN-MOTION approach to laser treatment, means that multiple passes over the skin are used to gently heat the collagen rather than one short hot and painful burst of heat which most lasers use. Through the use of infra-red the deeper dermal layers of skin are heat used in a painless manor. This deep dermal heating is proven through years of trials and studies to effectively stimulate the production of new collagen and therefore enhance the skins surface texture. Treatments with the Soprano Skin Tightening system are quick and do not require numbing cream or local anaesthetic plus there’s no recovery time. Clients can resume their normal activities immediately. The Soprano provides you with excellent, long-term skin tightening results, restoring your confidence and helping to protect your body against future ageing.

On what parts of the body or face can Soprano ST be used?

It can be performed to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body and face. The procedure is frequently used for toning thin, loose and crepe-like skin often found on the aging face, neck, thighs, tummy and under the upper arms, yes ladies it can help combat those bingo wings! Excellent news for those post-surgical or postnatal areas like abdomen, thighs or breasts it will produce great results!

Who is suitable for the treatment you ask?

Great news, everybody is! Because the Soprano is using infra-red its the safest of its kind and can be used to treat all skin colours and even tanned skin! It’s safe to have before going on holiday so you can get that beach body you’ve always dreamed of! What should I expect from the treatment? Once you have explained to the practitioner what area it is you’re looking to tackle, the practitioner will advise you on a course of treatments designed for you. Most clients benefit from a course of 6 treatments every 2-3 weeks to reach their desired results.

What is the procedure like?

To begin with gel is applied to the area being treated and the dermis is then gradually heated to 40-42 degrees using the infra-red hand piece, this feels like a hot stone massage and is very relaxing! Once this temperature is reached it then needs to be maintained for a further 10 minutes or more depending on the size of the area. The skin will look pinkish and feel warm to the touch, the gel will then be removed and then your good to go! On average the treatment lasts around 30 minutes.

What are the side effects?

Well it’s nothing compared to surgery. There is no down time, some clients have the treatment done on their lunch hour. Slight swelling occurs as the collagen begins to repair its self and the skin will be pinkish due to the heat. However this will go down in no time and you will be left with tighter more youthful skin. Make up can be applied straight after treatment and normal activities can be resumed.

The most important question…..When will you see results?!

Here’s the best news, you will see results immediately! The targeted skin will continue to improve with each treatment with visible, long term results! A small amount of swelling will be seen immediately after the treatment as that settles the skin will smooth out over the following couple of weeks whilst your body heals and improves the collagen.

How long will it last?

Well we have to accept that with ageing our skins elasticity reduces, the results can last for a matter of years, annual top ups would therefore be beneficial to reach long term effectiveness.


  • Single treatments £200 per area
  • 6 treatments are £800 (payable in installments no extra charge)

Area’s are: Face and Jaw, Neck, Upper thighs, Lower thighs, Bottom, Underneath arms, Abdomen, Lower Stomach (below belly button), Breasts, Decolletage.