Staying Hydrated Through Summer


Staying Hydrated Through Summer

Dehydration can be a serious condition for many in the warmer weather. Some people are more prone to dehydration than others, but all of us should be alert to the fact that dehydration occurs very subtly, and there is little or no warning since the brain’s messengers do not function well without fluid! Most people know we cannot survive without water, but fail to realise just how quickly dehydration can occur.

Using thirst as a guide is leaving it too late; you are already in the early stages of dehydration. Prevention is the key, so ensure you drink regularly throughout the day.

Dehydration leads to poor reaction time comparable to having consumed alcohol, so drivers need to stay on top of their hydration. Recognising dehydration can literally save a life if appropriate action is taken swiftly. If you, or someone else, show any sign of dehydration, simply sitting down and taking a drink may be all it takes.

Signs of Dehydration include:

Dry Mouth and Thirst

Fatigue, Weakness and Sleepiness

Headache and Dizziness

Decreased Urination

Signs of Severe Dehydration:

Irritability, Confusion and Disorientation (same as the signs of Dementia)

Clammy Skin, Reduced or No Sweating, Low Blood Pressure, Sunken Eyes

Excessively Dry Mouth and Nasal Passages with Little or No Urination

Rapid Heartbeat and Muscle Cramps

For some, it is not possible to drink throughout the day, if that applies to you, ensure that you drink at all other opportunities, and choose the right types of fluids while avoiding the wrong ones: Coffee, Nettle/Dandelion Tea (diuretics that stimulate your kidneys to excrete fluids) Sports Drinks (contrary to popular belief, the majority of these drinks contain ingredients that over-burden the liver such as sugar in the form of Fructose Syrup, or worse still synthetic sweeteners) Fruit Juices or Fizzy Drinks (both are exceptionally high in sugar which can cause excessive weight gain, non-alcoholic fatty liver, inflammation, reduced immune function, high blood pressure and Diabetes).

Drinks to sip throughout the day:

Water (good quality and plenty of it!)

Coconut Water (100% without additives)

Apple Cider Vinegar, mix 2 tablespoons into 2 litres of water, add 1 teaspoon honey and ice. Store in a glass container not plastic!

NOTE: for those engaged in physical activity, producing lots of sweat, vital electrolytes may be lost. I recommend adding 3-5 crystals of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt to 2 litres of natural spring water which should be consumed at intervals.

Particularly Hydrating Vegetables:

Bell Peppers






Iceberg Lettuce




Particularly Hydrating Fruits:

Cantaloupe Melon





Star Fruit



Enjoy The Season!

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