Some of our recent testimonials

The City Hair Removal is a little gem in the heart of the city for laser hair removal. It was so handy to go there in my lunch hour and it is so reasonable priced for hair removal in London. The place is clean and the equipment is up to date. I was really impressed with the staff. The girl who did my hair removal was very friendly and informative so I felt very confident in the treatment. I have had four treatments and I don’t need anymore which is fantastic. Some friends of mine have had laser hair removal in London in other clinics but didn’t get the results or such knowledgeable staff treating them that I did so I’d definitely recommend the place.


Finished laser hair removal at Christmas after buying a full body package with amazing results. I started treatments in Australia which were really expensive. I now live in Manchester but work occasionally in London and I wanted to take advantage of the deal they had on so I started in 2011. I spaced treatments further apart than 6 weeks and had 8 on each area as well as a gap whilst I had a tan. My arms and bikini made a huge difference to my confidence, such a relief to be hair free!

Thanks, Emma


I chose City Hair Removal  because of proximity to work, the fact that they have a number of different laser/ipl machines so they would have one to suit my skin tone (I was particularly looking for the Nd:Yag), the availability of appointments outside of work hours, the friendliness of staff and online reviews. I think I had found 5 clinics close to work: one only did IPL, one only had the Alexandrite and they burnt my skin during the patch test, and another two who had the Nd:Yag and good reviews but I didn’t get round to visiting – I wanted to get started as soon as possible because I wanted to have hair free-legs for the summer! Now that I am a client I like how friendly, accommodating and thorough you are and how comfortable I feel having the treatment with you.

Thanks S.Z


I recommend City Hair removal to anyone looking to permanently get rid of unwanted hair, I has initially started getting laser hair removal at another clinic in London, I am of Asian origin so have darker skin and I had been getting IPL, this proved to be un-effective as the technician had to go on such a low setting as to not burn me, that it hardly did anything and the hair would grow back as normal within a few weeks. Since coming to City Hair removal, I have been informed by my laser technician that IPL is very risky on darker skin and that the risks of burning are very high. I am grateful for the honest information and great service from this clinic. I have had about 6 treatments of laser hair removal and most of the hair is gone permanently! I had not expected such drastic results and I’m over the moon!

Thanks Lisa GT