The FAQs of laser hair removal


The FAQs of laser hair removal

If you’re fed up to the back teeth – and those tricky ‘back of the knee’ spots – of razors, waxing and tweezing, you may be ready to take the next step: laser hair removal. But making that decision doesn’t mean you’re ready to just leg it off to the nearest available salon – let us answer a few questions for you first.

Can I shave ahead of my appointment?

Yes, you can – you can shave, but it’s best to avoid tweezing or waxing for about six weeks before your appointment. We’re not expecting you to be hairy – the fact you’re getting laser hair removal means that probably won’t go down well – but you can’t go yanking hair out by the root for a while. Shaving only please.

Will it hurt?

A little, yes. Most people say it’s like being twanged with an elastic band constantly, or scratched by a cat. It’s not excruciating, more uncomfortable, but if you’re worried ask the technician for a cooling or numbing cream to be applied beforehand/afterwards.

I have lots of thick dark hair I’d like removed. Will it still work?

It certainly will – laser hair removal actually works better on dark hair. Blondies often need to have their hair darkened before getting it zapped, so natural brunettes are in a better position. (The reason for this is darker hair is easier for lasers to target.)

How long will it take?

Laser treatments usually takes several sessions; after the first, the hair will grow back. But don’t worry! Scrubbing away resistant hairs in the shower will help, but don’t go pulling out hairs that won’t be pulled. Eventually, after a few sessions, the root will die all by itself and the hair will stop growing back. After a few more goes, your hair loss will be as permanent as you dreamed it would be.

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