The many benefits of laser hair removal


The many benefits of laser hair removal

Whatever your preferred method of removing unwanted body hair, there’s one thing they all have in common; they’re not permanent. Shaving, tweezing waxing…some may last longer than others, but none of them last forever. If it’s a fuzz-free future you’re after, laser hair removal is the only way.

Laser hair removal has many benefits when compared to traditional hair removal methods. It can be used to remove hair from several body parts including the underarms, bikini line, face, legs, arms and back with incredible precision; lasers can selectively target hair without damaging the surrounding skin (although you may look sunburned for a while afterwards!)

It’s also, as we mentioned, the only permanent method of hair removal – although be warned, it may take a few treatment session before your hair stops growing back for good. And anything’s better than constant shaving, tweezing or waxing!

Things to consider before your treatment

Just because laser hair removal is really pretty great doesn’t mean you should just go into it without thinking it through; it’s a medical procedure that carries risks and requires training to perform. When booking with a technician, check their qualifications before making an appointment and make sure to follow all the pre-treatment advice you’re given to the letter (i.e. limiting hair removal for six weeks beforehand and avoiding sun exposure).

When you arrive for your laser appointment, your technician will trim your hair to just a few millimetres long, and calibrate the laser being used according to the colour, thickness and location of the hair you’re having zapped. You’ll then be fitted with your eye protection and a layer of cooling gel that both protects your skin and helps the laser penetrate it properly.

Once your treatment has finished, you’ll be given some creams to help with any discomfort and be scheduled in for a follow up. Be sure to follow all your aftercare instructions too – a hair free future awaits you!

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