The UK is seeing growth in laser hair removal procedures


The UK is seeing growth in laser hair removal procedures

Hair removal has always been somewhat of a hot topic for both men and women. Some prefer the au-naturel look, but more and more people are opting for laser hair removal procedures, like the ones on offer from City Hair Removal. 2013 was a very big year for laser hair removal with the total number of bookings across all major UK licensed clinics up roughly 25% on 2012s figures.

Furthermore, laser hair removal is currently growing 20 times faster than any other form of hair removal, but why? Here, we, at City Hair Removal will explore this market trend in more detail. Significant advances in laser hair removal procedures One of the main worries in the past surrounded the safety of laser hair removal. However, as the technology developed and studies concluded that this was indeed a safe way to remove hair more men and women tried the procedure, which led to a huge increase in word-of-mouth referrals, which led to the increase.

Companies like City Hair Removal are increasing their specialities As well as developments in the industry, with over two decades worth of treatments and 40 procedures carried out every day City Hair Removal are increasing their specialities.

At City Hair Removal, we offer a number of different services, including:

• Laser hair removal for men and women

• Leg  vein treatment

• Tattoo removal

• Skin tightening

The growing trend As a nation, we go through various trends all the time. Fashion, music, food and even body hair are all open to trends. At the moment, body hair removal is one of the ‘in things’ as more people want less hair. Furthermore, people are now less willing to continue with ‘more conventional’ methods that are much more time-consuming and not as effective. This means that they are looking for a more permanent, safe solution. Offering laser hair removal  as well as a number of other services, City Hair Removal also has a price match guarantee, which means you do not need to worry about paying over the odds for our services. This is one of the other reasons why laser hair removal with City Hair Removal  has become more popular.