Tips for Smooth and Healthy Skin


Tips for Smooth and Healthy Skin

We are now coming to the end of the summer months, and no longer are we having long scorching hot days. Summertime was all about having fun in the sun – meaning we were showing a bit more skin, inevitably leading to the task of hair removal. Whether from razors or waxing, this could mean experiencing dreaded side effects such as razor burn, redness or even ingrown hairs.

Don’t let these side effects interfere with your look or let it knock your confidence. This guide will effectively show you why laser hair removal is the best way to preventing those dreaded side effects, giving advice on how to maintain smooth flawless skin from head to toe. There are so many methods of hair removal for every part of the body, it’s impossible to know which method is best suited for your skin, so here’s a pick of the top market favorites. Razors: The basic method of hair removal is shaving with a simple razor, which is typically painless with instant results.

However, it can have a few side effects such as razor rash on sensitive areas, potentially in-grown hairs, also stubble will reappear within a few days. Waxing: This is an affordable and time-efficient approach to removing unwanted body hair, however it is known for being painful. This can be done at home or in a salon. You only have to re-wax every few weeks to maintain smooth skin. Lasers: This has shown to be the most effective and permanent option for hair removal, as it inhibits hair growth.

Usually, three to five treatments are required to see the full results. Laser hair removal treatments are usually very safe if performed by a trained professional therapist.  Choosing a suitable hair removal clinic can be confusing, as can finding the best treatments to suit your specific skin types and budget. City Hair Removal London will give you a peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands. This clinic has over two decades of experience and usually carries out treatments with approximately forty clients a day. They use the very latest advanced laser technologies and offer a consultation before the treatments and will talk through any concerns you might have.

Here’s a few simple steps to help you avoid skin irritation: Use ointments: By using ointments or body cream along with your hair removal treatments helps speed up the healing process and keeps your skin soft and comfortable. Over treating: Don’t have your hair removal sessions too frequently as it causes problems, simply give your skin time to heal before treating it again (consult a therapist to find the optimum recovery time for your skin – it varies from person to person). Whether you opt for a traditional razor or prefer to have those unwanted hairs zapped away using laser hair removal, don’t settle for anything less than smooth skin.