Wedding Day Beauty Regime


Wedding Day Beauty Regime

Anyone who has said they don’t want to look beautiful on their wedding day is telling lies, for your wedding day is supposed to be the one day where you can transform yourself into your dream princess for the day, creating an image of perfection you always wanted. The one thing we don’t tend to think about when dreaming of a fairy tale wedding is the beauty regime that we must follow.

When it comes to the wedding day regime, there’s plenty on the list that needs to be done before the big day, for example teeth whitening, lash extensions, manicures, hair conditioning treatments plus cut, colour, styling, spa facial treatments and finally the obligatory weight loss/detox to of course to get rid of those lumps and bumps you might want to hide. Getting rid of excess weight does require you to exercise and eat healthy, but then what do you do about those loose unwanted flabby bits, those embarrassing bingo wings?

Now at City Hair Removal London there’s a new special treatment where you can tighten your skin and lose unwanted skin for good. Soprano XL is laser treatment which heats the deeper layers of the skin and rather than one short hot and painful burst of heat which most lasers use, it uses multiple passes over the skin to gently heat the collagen. This can be used on the face, chin, neck, chest, thighs, breasts and stomach – anywhere you think is a problem area.  There’s no scarring and no damaged skin, the procedure takes 30 minute and you will see immediate results.

If you are worried about side effects, then rest assured, as all that might occur is some slight swelling, but that is completely natural as the collagen begins to repair its self. The skin will be pinkish at first due to the heat, but it will go down in no time making it perfect for a lunch break treat. It is recommended to book this for 6 treatments, as a single one might not be effective.

A single treatment is £200 while 6 treatments is £800. So when writing down the list of your beauty regime for the big day, make sure you include skin tightening treatment as you will get amazing results and not only will you look good but you will feel good as well. The only thing to worry about is how will the groom scrub up? That’s the big question.