What do you and Victoria Beckham have in common?


What do you and Victoria Beckham have in common?

When Victoria Beckham revealed in the March issue of Allure magazine that she doesn’t shave her legs and instead opts for a laser hair removal, it came as no surprise.

The fashion designer always looks nothing but polished and groomed to the nine, after all, isn’t that what the Beckham brand is all about? In this interview Victoria claimed that having laser hair removal was the best decision she made for herself and that she was given the advice by her good friend the model and actress Eva Longoria. So do you want to model yourself on Victoria Beckham and be polished and groomed to the nine? While you might not have the footballer husband or the rich & famous lifestyle with your own clothing range to match, you can still create an image that is nothing short of perfection by having laser hair removal at City Hair Removal London.

If you are new to whole world of laser hair removal then City Hair Removal is the perfect clinic to accommodate to your needs and questions. There is nothing worse than unwanted hair patches that one goes to great lengths to cover up; let’s be honest we have all been there, whether at the swimming pool or on the beach. City Hair Removal London has a wide range of services to help you overcome your shyness and embarrassment. The laser the clinic has an award-winning Soprano laser hair removal machine which is pain-free and works on all skin types.

The laser the clinic specialises in the safe removal of all hair, tattoos, rosacea and thread veins no matter with state of the art technology. We also specialise in all skin colours so don’t think that if you have Asian, Afro-Caribbean or dark Mediterranean skin that you would not be a suitable candidate for laser treatments. Our state of the art laser hair removal machines all work differently to detect hair pigments as opposed to skin pigments. Thanks to years of expertise and professional service we have built a huge clientele for all of our services.

We get many men coming here for laser hair removal, in fact, in recent years we have seen a huge surge in men seeking to remove unwanted hair. So modelling yourself on Victoria Beckham could very well be a reality. If you’re thinking of your summer holiday for this year and have found the perfect bikini but are feeling a little shy about unwanted hair then come to City Hair Removal. Packing a razor or wax strips in your luggage should be a thing of the past!

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