What to expect when you’re expecting laser hair removal


What to expect when you’re expecting laser hair removal

As more and more people get bored of constant shaving/waxing/tweezing, laser hair removal appointments are on the up and up. But don’t just go legging it down the road to your nearest salon; getting your leg hairs zapped is a legitimate medical procedure and should be treated as such. For more of an idea of what to expect, read on…

The first thing you should know is that you won’t be able to de-fuzz for a while before your appointment. You can shave if you need to but you absolutely cannot pull hair out at the root for at least six weeks before your laser treatment. Step away from the tweezers.

This may be a particular issue as you’re likely to need multiple treatments before the hair stops growing back completely; the hair will grow back for the first few tries, but it’ll get less and less and eventually stop. You have our solemn vow.

It’s also worth noting that laser hair removal treatments actually work best on dark hair – blondies may need to have their hairs dyed darker before their treatment begins as it’s easier for lasers to target darker, more visible hair.

If you’re worried about the pain, don’t be – yes it will hurt, but probably not as much as you imagine. Most folk describe it as being like a rubber band being twanged against the skin for a while; can’t be any worse than waxing anyway, can it? If you’re worried about the pain or it really starts to hurt, ask your clinician for a numbing or cooling cream to take the edge off. Your skin will also be a little red for a while after the procedure, but thanks to improved laser technology you can expect it to be no worse than a mild sunburn and to fade quickly.

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