Why go to a professional clinic for hair removal?


Why go to a professional clinic for hair removal?

As is always the case we are constantly looking for better, faster, more permanent, easier and cheaper hair removal options! We don’t ask for much do we!?

We all know that shaving at home in the shower is the quickest, easiest and cheapest option but on the other hand we know that it is far from permanent and really has too many annoying side effects. Then you have the alternate treatments such as going to a salon or clinic. This has been the norm for waxing for a very long time. Though you still have the occasional brave soul giving a go at home waxing – certainly not for me!

Then suddenly these permanent methods have come out on the market such as IPL and Laser Hair Removal. Generally these are considered a skilled procedure that you would book yourself in with a professional for but now there are DIY kits available for home use.

I wanted to take a look at if these are the revolutionary cheap way of getting the benefits of Laser Hair removal or if it is a risky and not too safe option. Here is some of what I have found.

Really there are no conclusive results. There are machines which are approved and meant to be safe which you could try out. The thing is that in a clinic you have to hand professionals who can really ensure that the skin tone and hair colour is alright to be lasered and also which settings are really going to work for you. The main objection doesn’t so much seem to be the safety but really the effectiveness. In a clinic the machines are extremely powerful, using lots of electricity for the laser and cooling system. It is this power which makes these lasers so effective at really removing the hair. The DIY kits do not have this level of power as it would not be safe for home use. So it is being questioned whether it is even possible for these kits to work at hair removal with such low power at all.

I would say that you could try out these kits if you really wanted to but you are much safer and going to see much more effective results by going into a clinic. And let’s face it you have tried all sorts of home methods…why not now sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals.

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