Hair Removal Areas


Hair Removal Areas

You may feel you are excessively hairy and want to handle your whole body or you may have just certain areas you are fed up of dealing with…either way laser hair removal can work well for you.

There are a few key removal areas; for women, the main hair removal areas are the legs, underarms and bikini line. For men, the main hair removal areas are the back, chest and upper arms. To check out some more data on our most popular treatments have a look here.

Our Lasers can in fact be used on any part of the body except any location too close to the eyes due to the potential health risks so in fact hair removal areas are pretty wide open. You are not restricted to those popular treatments but can get your chin, upper lip, abs, bum, Hollywood, toes or fingers and the list can go on!

If you don’t have one specific area in mind but are looking more for a full body handling then check out the packages section in our price list below. For both men and women there are packages worked out on the most usually requested hair removal areas, that way you can save some money and start on the whole project at once! Some examples of packages are these: for women, lower legs, bikini (Brazilian) and underarms. For men, full back and shoulders. But there are many variations available.

With laser technology available you can handle pretty much any part of your body that has excess hair growth. The only factors are what each particular clinic has available and how much you can afford. The good news is that here at City Hair Removal we have finance options available too, meaning that money won’t stop you achieving the look you want!