Unwanted back hair


Unwanted back hair is not a pleasant situation to find yourself in. Whether it stops you being shirtless in the sun, makes you embarrassed to change in front of the guys, lowers your confidence in the bedroom or causes a tiff with your girlfriend it is certainly never a good thing and something most guys want to handle.

If you have found that you are in this situation of having excess back hair then you have probably been looking for solutions everywhere. Back hair is not handled easily with shaving as the stubble you get is a worse situation than the one you started with and though waxing does work well the pain and the regular treatments do not necessarily make it one for the you guys to love.

So what solutions are left for you? Well for unwanted back hair I would always recommend a permanent hair removal option. This means that after a course of treatments you have actually completed the handling and you no longer have a hairy back. No regular routine appointments needed, though sometimes top up sessions can be required.

So what permanent hair removal options are there for you? The most common are IPL and Laser hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is now far ahead in technology compared to IPL so I am going to tell you about this one today.

Laser Hair Removal fires pulses of light into the unwanted hair and actually destroys the follicle itself. This causes the hair to be unable to regrow and why it causes such excellent permanent change. Multiple treatments are required as not every follicle will be destroyed in the first hit. After each treatment you will notice less and less hairs growing back until you are left with the perfect amount of back hair – or none if that is what you want to achieve!

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