Laser Treatment


Laser treatment fits under aesthetic medical technology and is used for both men and women. This technology including laser treatment has had absolutely huge advances over the last few years and covers a huge range of treatments: hair removal, tattoo removal, anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, stretch mark removal, acne treatment and rosacea treatment to name a few.

There are various companies and types of lasers depending on the laser treatments being delivered. And year to year the technology develops and certain lasers become antiquated with more modern technology coming onto the market so it is an ever changing industry.

Here at 5 Percy Street we deliver hair removal, tattoo removal and soon to be arriving cellulite and fat reduction! At our sister clinic in the City – Pulse Light Clinic they deliver all the other laser treatments listed above.

Each laser works in a slightly different way but the general concept is that the laser fires pulses of light into the treatment area. It then in the case of tattoo or hair removal destroys the coloured parts it hits, the hair follicle or ink and destroys and breaks it down. In the case of the other treatments in generally breaks down the scar tissue and encourages your body to start regenerating the correct things to get your skin back into shape – causing your body to improve itself!

Laser treatments are by far the most advanced technology for tattoo removal with only about 4 treatments now needed to completely remove a tattoo. For hair removal 6-10 treatments can be required but the hair is permanently removed at the end of those treatments! As for the other treatments I listed well really they are the only non-surgical effective treatments out there.

So as you can see Llaser treatment has a wide range of uses and is excellent for all of them! Check out more information here