Receiving Laser Hair removal – what not to do


Receiving Laser Hair removal – what not to do

Having decided to get rid of that unwanted hair permanently you have probably come to the conclusion that Laser Hair removal is the way to go…and you would be right!

Here is what not to do going into the treatment plan. Follow these tips and you will have a smooth,easy ride to permanent hair removal.

 Don’t pick any clinic you find just because it is cheaper or shows up on your search. Laser hair removal is a technical procedure and it is important to find one that has highly trained and experienced practitioners.

 Don’t expose that area of your skin to the sun for 6 weeks prior to your treatment. As the Lasers work by finding the melatonin in your skin, if your skin gets tanned you could end up with little white marks from the Laser – not what you want!

 Don’t pluck, wax or epilate in the weeks coming up to your treatment. The Laser works by hitting the root of your hair. If it is not there then your treatment will not work.

 Don’t fail to get a patch test before your first treatment. A patch test is a test with the laser on a very small part of your skin to test the reaction of your skin to the laser. You don’t want to miss this out to save time.

 Don’t skimp on the number of your treatments. If your practitioner says that you need a certain number of treatments to reach permanent removal of that hair then they are probably right. Follow through and you can enjoy all the benefits of permanent hair removal.

 Don’t cut down on the number of weeks between treatments- 6 is recommended. As the laser works by hitting the root of the hair you need enough time for the hair cycle to occur and the root to grow back. Do it too early and the treatment won’t work.

Follow these few easy tips and you will be on your way to hair free in no time!